Artificial Justice (documental)

Artificial Justice (2022)
51´ – Production by Orillamar Films 2022.
Directed by Simón Casal
Written by Simón Casal and Miguel Penas
Camera, editing and postproduction by Simón Casal

Available on RTVE PLAY

Winner AI International Film Festival 2022. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
Best Documentary Feature
Best Feature Director.

Synopsis: Do we need algorithms to achieve truly independent justice systems?
Some countries are already implementing AI Algorithms into the Administration of Justice.
Artificial Justice explores troubling questions raised by this digital transition. Would we manage to eliminate the influence of political and economic power that distorts our judicial systems? Would we manage to reduce the ideological and emotional biases of human justice? And would citizens accept to be judged by an algorithmic judge?

Markus Gabriel

Nick Couldry

Pura Caaveiro

Frame Controlling the decision

Frame city 2

Marina Garcés

Frame Datification

Luciano Floridi

Frame Court

Frame Cabin plane

Luis Villares 3

Frame City 4

Frame City 3

Frame Court Pura Caaveiro

Frame Judge painting